Music Pitching

$150 or £125

Submit your music to me, and have me PITCH your music to Sony, Warner, Universal, Interscope, Atlantic, Capitol, Island, Kobalt, Epic, Roc Nation, Internet Money, 300 Ent, Spotify, Apple and Tidal playlist curators, and TikTok influencers. 

After building up an extensive contact list as an A&R Consultant, Talent Manager and Vocal Coach with Major Record labels, submitting your music to me for solicited pitching, increases your chances of securing a record deal. playlist placement or TikTok campaign. 



1. Your music will be Pitched to my Major Label, Playlist Curator & Influencer contacts.

2. You will then receive an email within 3 days, detailing the specific contacts who received your music. 

3. Future Contact; the recipients will contact myself or you directly if they wish to sign you, offer feedback, offer playlist placement or influencer campaign.


1. After pitching my music, am I guaranteed feedback, positive or negative?

Yes, I guarantee feedback. 

2. What if I just pitch my music directly to contacts, without your help?

Unfortunately, unsolicited emails to are likely to be ignored.

3. How many contacts will my music be pitched to?

 Currently 2,127 contacts.

4. What formats can I submit?

MP3, Youtube, Vevo, Soundcloud, any Link or Pre-Save.

5. Track quality/ release?

Can submit demos/mastered/released or unreleased.  

6. Do you pitch songwriters and producers?

Yes I do.  

7. Can you guarantee streams or placement?

No, its illegal to guarantee placement. 

8. Do you only pitch UK artists?

I pitch artists from all over the world.

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